self evaluation

This project was a completely unique experience. I really enjoyed working with my team, because I love group projects. Secondly, all the group members were punctual and creative, they put in a lot of time and effort. Even if someone couldn’t come the others would take on the missing persons role and complete it with excellency. There wasn’t any dominance we were all equal and discussed everything very peacefully and open minded. We inspired and supported each other, allowing all of our ideas to prosper and flourish. The part of the project that I enjoyed most was research. I spent countless hours digging up information and artefacts that were rare and unique.  I think I really did it justice. I visited the Imperial museum twice, carefully examined every display and learned a variety of very useful information. The university offered the students a selection of different sources and video clips (e.g Shrouds of the Somme, by Rob Heard, and Danny Boyle’s Beach takeover to honour WWI soldiers) to help them begin their research, and I watched every single one. I also visited the Tower of London during the memorial time when it was lit by 10,000 lights, representing all the peoples lives  lost in the war. I visited countless antiques shops, searching for various artefacts from the war that would suit our project ideas such as, medals, books, post cards, letters and even children toys. After days of choosing I settled on the post cards and letters as those spoke to me the most. I am very satisfied with how much I’ve learned about the war how I have developed as a person.

The biggest challenge that I faced during this project was linked to research, it was analysing the information I’ve gathered. By going to all of the exhibitions and scouring any valuable source I have found a lot of information, and narrowing my findings to what I actually need for this project required a lot of work and time. Other members the group did the analysis of the information much faster than I have. My group was dependant on my research because as it turned out I had a lot of very valuable pieces. However, for me the problem was that I could only give them the information that I gathered and when it came to bringing ideas about what our project should be to the table, I couldn’t contribute much because I struggle with developing my ideas into something worthy. Most importantly, during this project I did not get the chance to use my “professional personal skills”(what I study in class) because unlike other people’s, mine were not developed enough to integrate them into our project. I contributed to the project a lot, especially during the last few days when we had to prepare for the presentation  but others could use their skills in photoshop, graphic design, or laser cutting (etc.,) and I didn’t see that the skills that I studied really applied to any part of our final idea.

I’ve learned a lot by working particularly with this group of people. The main piece of knowledge that I will carry on into my future projects is to “do a bit more”, by that I mean that I shouldn’t only do what the university teaches me, but that I also I need to develop personally at home. I learned the from my team mates when I’ve discovered how much they knew, even though the university never taught that, the skills that they possessed were their own personal development and that is what I plan to do too.

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