“War is not just about fear and hate. War is about warmth and love. During WW1, many letters were transported between the front line and home front. Whilst the long-existing connections between soldiers and their family and friends were made invisible during the war, these letters formed tangible evidence of love. These important letters are still kept today at archives, passing on the emotion of war to the next generations. What message do you have towards your lowed ones today? Airmail offers the experience to fly your thoughts to your loved ones across the Chelsea Parade Ground as well as encouraging you to unravel and read others’ messages.”

Statement of Airmail project. Group A9.

Our work has been selected for a showcase at Parsons in New York alongside work from their students.

One ┬áNatsuno’s friends went to New York and she poped by the exhibition and send us images of our work. Airmail was actually displayed in Parsons University.

It was wonderful project for all of us. I am very proud of my group. Thank you guys.

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