Today is one of the most important days for our project. We as a team, along with all the others are presenting our creations at the Chelsea Ground Parade.  Everything that we have worked on for the past few weeks will be finally seen by tutors, guests, and our peers. All the teams assembled at the meeting spot at 9 am sharp. After the tutors gave us the instructions, each team received a cardboard box to present their projects. The boxes were given to us for a reason, which was because all of our projects were authentic, unique and very diverse from one another, and if they were to be presented with these boxes it would unify the entire display. The boxes show that even though the projects are different they are all made with the same theme in mind, World War I.

When everything was finally ready, our stand started to draw a crowd, and the people wrote all kinds of messages on their planes. It felt really good hearing all the positive feedback from the people coming to our stand, we finally saw that all our hard work payed off. For example, our tutor Nick, was very proud of how far we’ve come, from having the idea in our heads to recreating it in real life. We also had a very interesting conversation with one of the guests, Ciara Phillips, she asked us a lot of questions, and inquired about our initial ideas and how they developed, our research, and how we created this project step by step. We even sowed her the postcards we used as inspiration for the project, she was very fascinated by them, and congratulated us on the great research. For me, this has been by far the most successful project through out my time at Chelsea College of Art. I am very grateful for my team mates, who are all so creative, initiative, and hard working.


Our project goals and ideas:

  • Our initial idea was to explore methods of communication during the WWI.
  • We looked at letters and postcard which were sent during the time.
  • We wanted to create an experience which is interactive and brings personal thoughts to participants.
  • A way we thought of doing this was through inviting people to make their own paper airplanes suggesting transport of messages.
  • These planes are dazzled with the use of patterns created from flags of different countries and stamps, relating it to the Dazzle Ship Project.

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