Last Day

Today is our last day to assemble our project before presenting it on the Chelsea Parade Ground. All the parts to the project were ready so all we had to do is put the pieces together like a puzzle. The complicated part was making the labels. All of them were made with laser cutting, and to be honest it was a pretty complicated process that had to be done multiple times before we actually succeeded. We drew our stamens on the top left side of the board using a stencil and spray paint. The spraying only took a few seconds while preparing the stencils took 15-20 minutes. That day was very windy so half of our writing got smudged and I got upset because I was the one making it. However, in the end it played out well as it looked like it was done on purpose to create an old vibe, it was a happy mistake. We did all the things together as a team, and each member of the group was ready to put in time and effort.


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