Genesis of “the book”

The idea of creating a book for our project was born during our 5th meeting before the Pecha Kucha presentation, and it was James’s idea. We wanted to focus on the connection between the past and the present as well as the relationship between the people at war and their homes, and this project was a great way to present that. In the beginning we intended on our book to have special ink that would leave a mark on your hand if you were to touch it. This was a symbol of how the story touches people and leaves a permanent impression on you. As a team we discussed the contents of the book, some of the suggestions were : post cards,  letters to home or some personal stories of people. Our project idea reciprocated to all the requirements which were, that the project was educational, communication and interaction.


When it came to create the presentation all of us had different jobs. James and Thomas were responsible for the digital part, they created the presentation on a laptop and uploaded pictures and texts into their places. Natsuno, Chloe , and I were writing the texts and rehearsed the presentation with a time limit.

Pecha Kucha presentation script

Hello everyone!!! We are group A9. There are five people in my group: James, Chloe, Natsuno, Thomas and I. This is the first presentation when we are going to share with you our idea, and talk you through our research and potentially where it could take us.

Out of the 4 memorials we visited, the group’s favourite was the Tower Hill memorial, as we feel it engages the visitors and creates an experience, due to it being an entire space rather than just a single statue. We want to be able to evoke these kind of emotions by creating our own experience which will attempt to focus on the positive, rather than the negative.

The disruptive observation we made was a bin on fire. We were able to observe fire fighters putting the fire out. This disruption consisted of a sequence of events: something starting the fire, someone reporting it, and someone putting it out. We would like to implement this idea of sequence of events within our project; we want to introduce something that will create a response or a reaction.

Taking these inspirations into account, we will look at connections among people at the frontline and at home, and the in-between of these two places. This invisible space was only visualised through letters and postcards. We would like to create a book, which will be made up of a series of letters and postcards printed onto tracing paper. When touched, the ink will lift onto their fingers, and they will take away with them a trace of this hidden history.

We believe this concept will integrate the three ideas: education, participation and interaction. It will educate the audience through the contents of the book. – The users’ participation and interaction with the book may lead to curiosity when they return home, due to the reminder from the ink left on their fingers.

  Our next step will be to finalise what postcards and letters we wish to include in the book and what messages we wish the audience to leave with. We already have some postcards from France, Britain and Canada.*handout postcards* We aim to collect more from various countries, and seek connections within their contents. We will also need to experiment with materials that can offer the most of this experience.

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