Our Fourth Meeting

Our fourth meeting occurred today, where I finally had the opportunity to share my independent research and present post cards from the WWI period from all over the world, those that I have previously found after our trip to the memorials. It was very exciting for the members of the group to finally witness tangible evidence of people from the WWI. It was a very engaging experience because we really understood that this happened, and not in a textbook kind of way, but as if we could feel those people calling out to us to share their story. On this meeting we were also working on rules of engagement manifesto for our group, as well as developing a mind map for the project. As a team we aim to engage, evoke, disrupt perspective, and develop narratives. We will do this by completing the following:

  1. Taking part in group discussions to develop group ideas.
  2. Conducting research.
  3. Being experimental.
  4. Being effective/active member on the team.
  5. Consider everyones ideas and opinions.
  6. Taking risks.
  7. Being presented and motivated.
  8. Always being collaborative.

We aim to understand the reality of war, between the front lines to the empty homes.

Interpret the world of emotions of regular people, as we feel it may have been neglected.

We aim to deliver an experience that will not only provide understanding, but will also create an understanding for the public.

We want to evoke a sense of humanity from our audience, so that they feel as connected to the subject topic as we do.

Different perspectives from the letters via mail?



We engage the audience.


Finally we have a physical plan that guides us and helps us move forward.

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