First Trip to the Memorials

Today we were split into our groups and I finally got to meet my new coworkers; James Рworking for a graphic design degree, `Chloe and Natsuno Рrepresenting Interior and Spatial Design, and I Р from the Textiles department, the other two participants however were absent. Our task for the day was to visit four memorials dedicated to WWI. We briefly discussed what sights we want to visit, and were on our way to work. We first travelled to Millicant Fawcett on parliament square, followed by the Cenotaph (white hall) , then Tower Hill Memorial, and our expedition concluded at Edith Cavell Memorial (Trafalgar Square). Tower Hill memorial was the most memorable for me as it looks like a vaulted corridor and was heavily covered with bronze panels that bear the names of the missing. This place makes you ponder about the lives of these people, how they lived, who the loved, and what they lost.

We positioned our selves in a cafe on Trafalgar Square, not far from the sight we last visited, we began to discuss what we have witnessed and propel some ideas for the project. We throughly talked through the questions of the task sheet given to us, and then proceeded to construct a mind map. At this meeting the idea of a “mailbox” has emerged, we thought of how it was a space where living people could message the soldiers, give thanks, and words of appreciation, as a sign of commemoration for those who have fought for us.

When the meeting concluded, I travelled to an antiques shop and found some postcards that dated back to the World War One. All of a sudden, our idea felt much realer then it did before, it was a tangible thing, not just conversation.

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