The task “bridge”

The task to build the bridge sounded very enticing for me. All students were divided into teams of six, and then our tutors gave us the task to create a bridge. Each group was given a set time limit and a variation of materials. The goal of this project was to make a strong, sturdy, and functional bridge. My team came up with idea rather quick and so we got to work. Soon we came to the conclusion that our plan had a lot of holes and needed reworking. We ran out of material and the bridge itself was very unstable. So we all put our minds together and successfully remodelled our plan. We stabilised our building just in time, however the look of it came out rather aesthetically displeasing.

I have learned two valuable lessons from this task. Firstly, group work helps get the creative juices flowing as there a lot more suggestions constantly coming in, which makes it a lot easier to find the perfect fit. Secondly, I stumbled upon the fact that its not the goal to just make the project on time, but that it also has to be done well and be pleasing to the eye to everyone and not just us.

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