Self evaluation

My studies at Chelsea College of Art began few months ago.  I think this is absolutely unique experience. English is not my native language and that is why I had started my blog recently. Thanks to support and advice from my classmates I learned the basics of my computer and now I am able to publish short stories in my blog. I am confident that blogging is going to be very useful for me. First of all,  I enjoyed drawing classes at the College.  There I learned how to do my project, furthermore it helps me to analyse textures , shapes and colours of my ‘Box Clever’ objects.  Firstly, various drawing  techniques that I learned recently I used in my project. Secondly, learning practical skills such as knitting and stitching went really well.  It was easy for me.  I liked to use mixed techniques machine and manual. It was exciting to observe how my drawings turned into stitching samples and then to knitting . Feedback from my tutors was also very helpful . There were many challenges. The English language has always been the main problem. This affected all activities where it was necessary to use English.  In despite of it being very challenging, I enjoyed all lectures and even began to read books that are not on the list, such as Simona de Beauvoir’s ‘Second Sex’.  I’m very grateful to Joana, my English teacher.  Her lessons were extremely informative.  I developed  not only the language, but also I learned how to make research  and presentations . Her advice was inspirational:’ Students, you must  live in a library’.  What I could have done better is to start reading every day because it helps me improve my English. It will reflect on the understanding of the whole educational process.  The second challenge I would like to overcome is time management.  For example, I would like  to spend time more efficiently when doing research.  Initially, it was difficult to differentiate between the primary and secondary research.  Also, I still cannot see connection between theory and practice.  Furthermore I would like to learn how to better use knowledge gained as a result of visiting museums and galleries. I will try to collect all images and sketches from exhibitions and I will start to analyse them.  Last challenge was using a computer.  I started to do it several months ago. That is why photoshop was a  ‘brain explosion’ for me.  Despite this difficulty, I have learned many things.  Photoshop is just a tool and it can be mastered to perfection as any other skills. Digital print gives huge opportunities to create something new. By using Photoshop I have learned how to create layers, to change sizes and proportions of elements and replace them.  It was wonderful to transform one image into a completely different one.   I have several goals which I want to achieve: the first one is to do research more carefully, especially the secondary one.  Also blogging is extremely important.  I just need to allocate time for it.   Last thing I would like to begin analysing theory and discussing lectures with my classmates.


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