digital print and photoshop

The Photoshop was like a ‘ brain explosion ‘ for me.  Despite of this, I have learned many things, for instance how to create layers,  increase or decrease  elements.    Changing colours was especially interesting.  Sometimes the image changed beyond recognition.  At the beginning I selected  drawings from the swatch book


Communication with teachers was easiest for me in this project.  They tried to help me and answered all my question .  Challenges  began with the first step.  I immediately realised the lack of experience with the computer.  Photoshop looked like a monster ready to eat me.  It was difficult to focus on my work.  I forgot the  sequence  of actions.  Despite the fact that I wrote down how and what to do , I often got stuck.  I felt helpless.  By the end of the second day of training I began to remember the simplest things such as changing the colours, multiplying the pictures, reducing or increasing elements.  Extra workshops was extremely useful .  The result can be seen in the first picture below.


It was wonderful to transform one image into a completely different one.  Every time when I was able to move forward I was happy.  All my time I was engaged with a Photoshop.  My children also gave me a couple tips.  I had learned how to create  layers, filters and effects, how to save and export images.

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