Weaving is a completely new experience for me. In the beginning the teacher told us about different types of threads, such as: silk, cotton, wool, etc.  Using the drawings we made earlier, we created colour pallets from different threads and materials. For this part of the project I used secondary research and my new drawings. For me, the most important aspect was to interpret my ideas and drawings in the weaving.  At first I tried all techniques that were shown us. This gave me the opportunity to choose what is suitable for my project. However, I have not significantly developed my understanding of the process. It was difficult for me to focus on the work even though I still  made an effort. As my weave teacher said: “Even if you study weave for two years at the Chelsea College of Art you will became anyone your heart desires but not a weaver.” Undoubtedly, I am happy to have tried this new skill because it helped me understand what I want to study in the second year of the University.






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